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Bio: Madeline Bohrer received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016 and is an alumna of Boston University. She lives in New York City. She has exhibited work at Tchotchke Gallery and Latitude Gallery and has been featured in All Arts, Harper's Bazaar, Bushwick Daily, Creative Boom, and FAD Magazine. She has participated in residencies with Silver Arts Project, Centre Pompadour, and Miss Hall’s School.

Artist statement: Throughout the history of my practice, my work has been interested in utilizing humor and vivid colors to draw attention to disconcerting feelings. My paintings are also shaped by my approach to collecting as a generative tool through which I bring different elements such as patterns and subject matter into my work. My past series “Check me Out” explores the relationship between consumerism and women’s bodies by subverting expectations of femininity. More recently, I’ve been at work on “Clock,” a series that interrogates the shame and discomfort we feel when we realize how much time we spend on our devices.